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Bonesteel Films is a team of video craftspeople. We are focused and committed to the art of video production. Our background in documentary filmmaking produces distinctive content rooted in real stories and real people. This authentic content inspires and motivates; allowing our client’s brands to cut through the noise. Bonesteel Films brings three fundamentals to bear on every project: the craft of our team, the infrastructure of our company, and the latest in technology; the final result is award-winning original content delivered on-time and on-budget.

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We are creative professionals
Team Member

Since 1990 Paul has been creating provocative documentary films across diverse subjects. This skill set has translated into uniquely authentic and refined commercial and corporate projects.

Paul Bonesteel

Team Member

As an experienced production administrator, he has worked on some of the world's most acclaimed commercials and music videos. His oversight of every project combines big picture creative vision with efficient logistical insight.

Matthew Gellert

Executive Producer
Team Member

A production veteran of both network content and corporate programming, Robin manages current production projects while developing fresh content for broadcast, web, & cable.

Robin Turner


Team Member

With a background in business administration and web development, Emily injects cost-savings logistics and an uncanny ability to wrangle myriad moving parts into efficient project management.

Emily Bukoski

Project manager
Team Member

Wes has a passion for story. He uses his competence and ingenuity in the edit suite and on location to bring every story to life!

Wes Cordell

Team Member

Mike’s passion for creating quality videos drives his work in the edit suite. With a knack for motion graphics and design he looks to bring creativity and character to every project.

Mike Lupinacci


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